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The Muchimba Music Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness through the power of music. Cofounder Thomas Muchimba Buttenschøn has spread his messages of positivity and hope through his pervasive and powerful music. Thomas' songwriting has taken him around the world from his home country of Denmark to his motherlands of Zambia. It's within these journeys that Thomas has seen, firsthand, just how the power of music can change the hearts and minds of entire communities and help create positive changes within societies. Music is a powerful tool. The Muchimba Music Foundation harnesses that power and uses music to enlighten, to empower and to draw people together.



Thomas Muchimba Buttenschøn has led an extraordinary life.

Born in Africa to a Danish father and Zambian mother, Thomas and his parents emigrated to Denmark shortly after his birth. Thomas and his parents were diagnosed with HIV in 1985. Unfortunately, both of his loving parents lost their battles to AIDS in 1994 when Thomas was only 9 years old. Thomas, too, was not expected to survive, but he has.

It was at this time that Thomas discovered his profound interest in music and, more specifically, in creating music and songs which seamlessly blend his transformative lyrical content and his superbly melodic guitar. Thomas’ music has now taken him to the greatest heights imaginable. In 2004, after years of struggle and dedication, Thomas’ debut album “Fantastic Monday” topped the Danish charts and put Thomas on the map as a highly skilled and formidable artist.

In 2011, Thomas and his beautiful wife, Cana, welcomed their first born son into the world. Fatherhood triggered a deep desire within Thomas to use his music to help teach and empower others. Since then, Thomas has harnessed the power of his music, and the music of others, to help foster positive changes within society.

Now a leading voice in Danish pop and beyond, Thomas is driven and determined to use his platform to help spread his messages of positivity and social awareness. This is the Muchimba Music Foundation. This is Thomas Muchimba Buttenschøn.


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Tyler Q Rosen – Executive Director

As a filmmaker, Tyler uses his craft to help raise social awareness to issues that matter. Since 2013, he and Thomas Muchimba Buttenschøn have been on a journey through Africa, Europe and the United States to help teach and enlighten others through music, art, film and the power of human connection. Together, they have harnessed their creative skill and talent to help raise awareness to heighten communities and enrich societies as a whole.

After a 17 year career in the design and entertainment arts, Tyler has refocused his creative and spiritual direction to help cofound the Muchimba Music Foundation. Tyler believes that it’s through art, film and music that we can make a positive impact on the world.


Kirk Scott – Vice President

Kirk is a philanthropic advisor with a background in fund development, program development and strategic planning. He currently works to create community change with a number of professional athletes, established non-profits, and startups.

As the former Vice President of the Magic Johnson Foundation, Kirk was responsible for strategic direction, oversight, coordination and implementation of all fundraising initiatives. To match and exceed goals, he was responsible for exploring, cultivating and solicitation of all funding opportunities, including corporate, foundation, and individual funding, to ensure continued success and growth.

During his time with MJF he also created business opportunities on the enterprise side of the company and was a member of the Executive Team. The nature of the work required interaction with high profile professional athletes, celebrities, and business people.

As a philanthropic fundraiser, Kirk has extensive knowledge of Cause Related Marketing, Corporate Sponsorship, and the cultivation and relationship building with high net worth clients. He has an extensive network of relationships both in Los Angeles and nationally. Additionally, he serves as a philanthropic advisor to a number of high net worth clients.

Prior to working with the Magic Johnson Foundation, Kirk spent five years with the Urban Youth Workers Institute as the Development Director and also launched a national mentoring program for community leaders. During his tenure he launched and directed Learning Communities in 14 major US cities. Under his leadership as Director of Development, the Urban Youth Workers Institute was successful in exceeding fundraising goals.

Kirk also spent 10 years in public education and a teacher and administrator in both Oregon and California. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University and Master of Arts in Cross Cultural Studies with an emphasis in Leadership and Urbanization.


Shawn P. Findlan – Director

Shawn Findlan, CEO at West Avenue Capital, has over 25 years experience finance, trading, investments and operations.  He currently oversees all investment and trading activities at West Avenue Capital.

Shawn Executive Produced the documentary feature film, Doin’ My Drugs, which details Thomas Muchimba Buttenschøn’s incredible journey to spread his messages of positivity and change through his music.

He is a Director at the Muchimba Music Foundation, an organization dedicated to raising awareness through the power of music and a Director at the Mino Freund Endowment, which was established to honor the life and work of Dr. Minoru M. Freund and to continue to advance scientific works.

Prior to starting West Avenue Capital, Shawn was Global Head of Strategic Engineering & Architecture Strategy at Morgan Stanley.  Before joining Morgan Stanley, he held several global and regional senior executive roles at J.P. Morgan Investment Bank.

Before joining J.P. Morgan, Mr. Findlan worked for AT&T and for the U.S. Department of Defense.  He has been based in New York, Tokyo and has traveled extensively worldwide. He studied computer science at University of Maryland and finance at New York University.


1.4 million Zambians are infected with HIV or AIDS. 14% of the entire country. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Muchimba Music Foundation is determined to put an end to this epidemic. In celebration of World AIDS Day 2015, we hosted a massive Test-for-Ticket concert in Zambia’s cultural capital and largest city, Lusaka. MMF partnered with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the worldwide leader in AIDS healthcare, and with the esteemed Roskilde Festival. AHF and MMF held a 4-week testing campaign leading up to the concert and, together, we tested an astounding 10,802 people for HIV and AIDS! Those testing positive were immediately enrolled into AHF’s globally-recognized patient care treatment programs. 

After the testing campaign, MMF and Roskilde Festival threw a world-class concert for all of Zambia to enjoy. This was truly an amazing campaign and event which has sparked a real conversation in Zambia about HIV, AIDS and the need to eliminate the stigma surrounding this manageable disease. Please donate today to help us throw our next World AIDS Day test-for-ticket concert. Thank you!

This concert will be featured in Thomas’ upcoming documentary feature film titled “Doin’ My Drugs”. This film, as well as the accompanying soundtrack album written and performed by Thomas, also titled “Doin’My Drugs”, are set for release in spring 2017.




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